[sg16-avd] H.323v8-series is approved

Patrick Luthi pluthi at ieee.org
Fri Apr 1 11:32:38 EDT 2022

Dear H.323 friends and colleagues,

I am happy to report that version 8 of the H.323-series was approved 
on 16 March 2022 (the ITU AAP page was just updated to show the 
approved status).

This is a summary of the main changes (see specific recommendations 
for more details):

- ITU-T H.323 v8 "Packet-based multimedia communications systems".
This revised version incorporates enhancements to the usage of URLs 
and DNS (Annex O), tunnelling of signalling protocols (Annex M) and 
other clarifications.

- ITU-T H.225.0 v8 "Call signalling protocols and media stream 
packetization for packet-based multimedia communication systems"
This revised version includes enhancements for language capability 
exchange, a modification to the scope regarding use on the Internet 
and clarifications to the Facility message.

- H.245 v17 "Control protocol for multimedia communication".
This revised version includes support for WebRTC data channel and the 
use of DTLS for media streams.

- H.235.10 "H.323 security: Support of DTLS for media streams".
This Recommendation describes the security procedures for the 
establishment of media streams utilising Datagram Transport Layer 
Security (DTLS).

Thank you to all those who contributed and edited those drafts over 
the years and a special thank you to Paul and Liang, who pulled the 
last changes and editorial cleanups through in the last 2 years, so 
that we could Consent the H.323-series Recommendations at the last 
SG16 meeting (17-28 January 2022).

Best regards,
Rapporteur for Q11/16 (Multimedia systems, terminals, gateways and 
data conferencing)

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