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Yes, I have them.  I did not realize that you considered them complete 
and ready for upload.

I'll process those later today.


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>Dear Paul,
>I sent all contributions to you while asking the document number. Was 
>the attached ZIP file blocked?
>Anyway, I have uploaded AVD-4787~AVD-4795(all from ZTE) to the FTP site 
>(Incoming directory). Please check if it is OK.
>Sorry for any inconvenience.
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>Q21/16 Experts,
>I have posted all of the documents I have received so far.  
>Unfortunately, I do not have AVD-4786 to AVD-4795.  I would kindly 
>request the authors to either email those to me or post them in the 
>Incoming directory of the FTP site (as per the instructions on the 
>meeting invitation).
>For a current list of all documents, please refer to:
>I have also activated the link for requesting TD numbers. If that link 
>is inaccessible, feel free to send me an email prior to the meeting to 
>request a TD number.
>Since I will not be present at the meeting and since the Chinese 
>government often blocks access to Google's services from inside China, 
>it may be necessary to coordinate locally at the meeting to assign 
>document numbers.  Kai and I will figure out something so that the 
>meeting runs smoothly.
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