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miao.chuanyang at zte.com.cn miao.chuanyang at zte.com.cn
Mon Sep 19 02:40:31 EDT 2016

Dear Paul,

I sent all contributions to you while asking the document number. Was the 
attached ZIP file blocked?
Anyway, I have uploaded AVD-4787~AVD-4795(all from ZTE) to the FTP site 
(Incoming directory). Please check if it is OK.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



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Q21/16 Experts,

I have posted all of the documents I have received so far.  Unfortunately, 
I do not have AVD-4786 to AVD-4795.  I would kindly request the authors to 
either email those to me or post them in the Incoming directory of the FTP 
site (as per the instructions on the meeting invitation).

For a current list of all documents, please refer to:

I have also activated the link for requesting TD numbers. If that link is 
inaccessible, feel free to send me an email prior to the meeting to 
request a TD number.

Since I will not be present at the meeting and since the Chinese 
government often blocks access to Google's services from inside China, it 
may be necessary to coordinate locally at the meeting to assign document 
numbers.  Kai and I will figure out something so that the meeting runs 


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