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Dear colleagues

An issue brought to the attention of Q21/16 experts.

Best regards

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looks like I used the wrong email list for Q21/16. Can you please forward?


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[T2Q4] Re: Harmonization on speech-to-speech translation standardization with JTC1/SC35


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Dear all,

as discussed at the last Q4/2 meeting, and as further requested by Senda-san's email below, I am pleased to share with you the following two texts which are now under DIS ballot in ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35 until 5 Jan 2017:



Closing date

ISO/IEC DIS 20382-1




Information technology -- User interfaces -- Face-to-face speech translation -- Part 1: User interface

ISO/IEC DIS 20382-2




Information technology -- User interface -- Face-to-face speech translation -- Part 2: System architecture and functional components

I would recommend that, if Q4/2 and/or Q21/16 decide to submit comments, the consolidated set of comments (using the attached commenting template), agreed upon on the Q4/2 and Q21/16 mailing-lists, be sent to me no later than 14 Dec 2016, so that I can send transmit them to ISO in time before the ballot closes.

O. Dubuisson
ITU-T liaison officer to ISO/IEC JTC 1
On 14/10/2016 09:58, S. Senda wrote:
Dear Noah Luo and Kai wei,

As both of you may know, I have been working on harmonization on speech-to-speech translation standardization not only among ITU-T study groups but also with JTC1/SC35. Recently, I received informal information that JTC1/SC35 would start ballot on DIS 20382: "User Interface - Face-to-Face Speech Translation", Part1: "User Interface" and Part2: "System architecture and functional components".

Q21/16 has sent liaison to JTC1/SC35 calling l collaboration on S2ST standardization (SG16-LS171 and LS217), but no response were returned from JTC1/SC35. As far as the information I got from members of Japanese national committee for JTC1/SC35, any Japanese member had not yet informed any liaison related DIS 20382 and no concern from ITU-T had been identified. At the same time, Mr. Olivier Dubuisson (JTC1 liaison officer) informally informed me that Mr. Noah Luo and Mr. Kai Wei has been listed as liaisons in JTC1/SC35. I believe that Q21/16 need to clarify how JTC1/SC35 has been handled our liaison statements.

Then, I have at least a question to be clarified and a request to our Rapporteurs.

The question is whether you have ever formally informed that you are listed as liaisons in JTC1/SC35.

The request is to get and deliver the formal documents which now under ballot process in JTC1/SC35 to Q21 experts for having the chance to review and to comment their work formally, if our Rapporteurs are formally listed by JTC1/SC35 as liaisons as informed by Mr. Dubuisson.

Best regards,

Show (Shoichi Senda)



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