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Dear all

It has been suggested that we collect all messages and pass along to Tom's family. We have set up a web page in the SG16 collaboration extranet site where you can leave a message, and we'll be passing the contents of that page to the family in a few days.

The link is:


Short link: http://itu.int/go/PIFL

TIES log in is required, if you would like to leave a message and does not have one, please let me know and I will add the message on your behalf.

I'd request that those that already expressed their feelings in the mailing list to reenter their messages at the page above, or let me know they'd like for me to do on their behalf.



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Dear all,

Please allow me to pass along these sad news.

As the elders amongst you may recall, Tom was an active SG16 participant since its beginning until mid-2000's, in particular under Q3/16's.

Best regards,


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>After a prolonged illness, our friend Tom Taylor has passed away. He died in his sleep on December 24th, after spending his last day with his family.


>Tom's courage during his illness was an inspiration to everyone. He was a man of quick wit, kindness and integrity. He was a long-time contributor to the IETF, a mentor and a good friend.


>                                                 Ron Bonica

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