[sg16-avd] SIP Video Profile: Bandwidth, Flow Control and Intra-frame Request Use Cases & Proposed Best Practices

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Fri Feb 5 15:50:52 EST 2016

SG16 WP1 Experts,

We received the subject liaison statement from the IMTC recently for 
which they are seeking comments from experts in WP1/16.  Due to timing 
considerations, I was asked to send the liaison to the mailing list to 
see if I could solicit comments in advance of the upcoming SG16 meeting.

While SIP is not the focus of WP1/16, multimedia communication systems 
is, as is interoperability between various multimedia systems and 
architectures.  As such, I hope you might find the time to review the 
liaison and accompanying video profile document and provide comments.

Paul E. Jones
WP1/16 Chair
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