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Campos, Simao simao.campos at itu.int
Fri Apr 15 08:38:09 EDT 2016

I agree with Christian's assessment - it is clear that the needed RFCs won't 
be published by June, and could even miss this calendar year.

Q5 routinely publishes output TDs, it would be sensible for Q2 to do that this 
time as well.


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H.245v17 being held up would suggest we should hold up H.323 and H.225.0, too. 
H.323, I show, still needs to have one contribution
(C.921) integrated with the base text.  H.225.0 was updated in 2014, but I 
have no new edits for it.  H.245v17 was ready at the last meeting, I think. As 
was H.235.10 :-)

So, the missing references might hold up the entire train.  We can at least 
publish output TDs at this meeting, even if Consent proves to be impossible.


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>Hello Paul,
>My understanding is that H.235.10, H.245v17, H.TPS-AV and H.TPS-SIG are
>essentially ready for Consent but that several IETF references are
>missing. The main issue is that the IETF CLUE WG and RTCWEB WG
>references aren't ready. These are in various states of WGLC etc. and
>are unlikely to be approved by the end of the study period. The CLUE
>and RTCWEB drafts are in turn dependent on a number SCTP transport
>related drafts.
>I plan to submit contributions updating the references to the current
>draft versions.
>Regards, Christian
>On 14/04/2016 12:44 PM, Paul E. Jones wrote:
>>WP1/16 Experts,
>>As most of you probably know, every 4 years the ITU-T restructures
>>work, removes certain work items, and introduces new study areas.
>>These 4-year cycles are referred to as a "Study Period" and this
>>upcoming SG16 meeting will be the final meeting for SG16 during this
>>current Study Period.
>>We currently have plans to publish a new revision of H.323, H.225.0,
>>and H.245, along with a number of Telepresence-related standards,
>>several more H.248-related packages, etc.  Some of those,
>>unfortunately, might not be able to go forward due to missing IETF
>>references.  Nonetheless, we are aiming to have the texts related to
>>the newest H.323 version and Telepresence documents finalized at this
>>meeting.  To that end, if there are any additions, changes,
>>corrections, etc. you would like to see to the documents planned for
>>Consent or approval, I encourage you to submit a contribution to this
>>meeting to make that happen.
>>The list of documents I have on my list that are scheduled for Consent
>>or Approval are:
>>   * H.235.10 (DTLS support in H.323)
>>   * H.323v8
>>   * H.225.0v8
>>   * H.245v17
>>   * H.EMQ
>>   * A/V Profiles for Telepresence Systems
>>   * Telepresence Signaling
>>   * H.248.50 (revised)
>>   * H.248.77 (revised)
>>   * H.248.CLOUD
>>   * H.248.SHAPER
>>   * H.248.SIPREC
>>   * H.248.CodecSDPprofile
>>   * H.Sup_Openflow
>>   * H.Sup_ALTC
>>   * H.241 (revised)
>>   * H.239 Amendment 1
>>   * Plus several documents in Q21/16 related to visual surveillance,
>>     energy management services, mobile animation file formats,
>>     personal device registration and discovery, virtual CDNs (and no
>>     doubt others I've missed)
>>There might be some additional cleanup work we will do in the
>>H.323-Series Implementer's Guide, H-series supplement 4, etc.
>>For information related to this meeting, see:
>>x I look forward to seeing everyone there at this final SG16 meeting
>>for the study period.
>>Best Regards,
>>Paul E. Jones
>>Chair, ITU-T WP1/16

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