[sg16-avd] Upcoming ITU-T SG16 Meeting (23 May - 3 June 2016)

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Wed Apr 13 23:44:43 EDT 2016


H.245v17 being held up would suggest we should hold up H.323 and 
H.225.0, too.  H.323, I show, still needs to have one contribution 
(C.921) integrated with the base text.  H.225.0 was updated in 2014, but 
I have no new edits for it.  H.245v17 was ready at the last meeting, I 
think. As was H.235.10 :-)

So, the missing references might hold up the entire train.  We can at 
least publish output TDs at this meeting, even if Consent proves to be 


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>Hello Paul,
>My understanding is that H.235.10, H.245v17, H.TPS-AV and H.TPS-SIG are 
>essentially ready for Consent but that several IETF references are 
>missing. The main issue is that the IETF CLUE WG and RTCWEB WG 
>references aren't ready. These are in various states of WGLC etc. and 
>are unlikely to be approved by the end of the study period. The CLUE 
>and RTCWEB drafts are in turn dependent on a number SCTP transport 
>related drafts.
>I plan to submit contributions updating the references to the current 
>draft versions.
>Regards, Christian
>On 14/04/2016 12:44 PM, Paul E. Jones wrote:
>>WP1/16 Experts,
>>As most of you probably know, every 4 years the ITU-T restructures 
>>work, removes certain work items, and introduces new study areas.  
>>These 4-year cycles are referred to as a "Study Period" and this 
>>upcoming SG16 meeting will be the final meeting for SG16 during this 
>>current Study Period.
>>We currently have plans to publish a new revision of H.323, H.225.0, 
>>and H.245, along with a number of Telepresence-related standards, 
>>several more H.248-related packages, etc.  Some of those, 
>>unfortunately, might not be able to go forward due to missing IETF 
>>references.  Nonetheless, we are aiming to have the texts related to 
>>the newest H.323 version and Telepresence documents finalized at this 
>>meeting.  To that end, if there are any additions, changes, 
>>corrections, etc. you would like to see to the documents planned for 
>>Consent or approval, I encourage you to submit a contribution to this 
>>meeting to make that happen.
>>The list of documents I have on my list that are scheduled for Consent 
>>or Approval are:
>>   * H.235.10 (DTLS support in H.323)
>>   * H.323v8
>>   * H.225.0v8
>>   * H.245v17
>>   * H.EMQ
>>   * A/V Profiles for Telepresence Systems
>>   * Telepresence Signaling
>>   * H.248.50 (revised)
>>   * H.248.77 (revised)
>>   * H.248.CLOUD
>>   * H.248.SHAPER
>>   * H.248.SIPREC
>>   * H.248.CodecSDPprofile
>>   * H.Sup_Openflow
>>   * H.Sup_ALTC
>>   * H.241 (revised)
>>   * H.239 Amendment 1
>>   * Plus several documents in Q21/16 related to visual surveillance,
>>     energy management services, mobile animation file formats,
>>     personal device registration and discovery, virtual CDNs (and no
>>     doubt others I've missed)
>>There might be some additional cleanup work we will do in the 
>>H.323-Series Implementer's Guide, H-series supplement 4, etc.
>>For information related to this meeting, see: 
>>I look forward to seeing everyone there at this final SG16 meeting for 
>>the study period.
>>Best Regards,
>>Paul E. Jones
>>Chair, ITU-T WP1/16

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