[sg16-avd] Q2,3,5 and 21/16 Interim Meeting Venue Change

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Tue Mar 10 10:33:58 EDT 2015

It's planned for the week of 8 June, but that's tentative, also.


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Subject: Re: [sg16-avd] Q2,3,5 and 21/16 Interim Meeting Venue Change

Hi Christian,

What are the dates for this meeting? It's not showing on the Rapporteur meeting link from the SG16 web page, and it wasn't mentioned in the summary report from the recent SG16 meeting.



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>Subject: [sg16-avd] Q2,3,5 and 21/16 Interim Meeting Venue Change
>Hell all,
>Please be advised that the interim meeting venue has changed from Guilin
>to Chengdu China. Further details should be out before the end of March.
>Regards, Christian Groves
>Meeting Organizer

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