[sg16-avd] Preparation for the next study period

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Thu Jun 18 12:44:14 EDT 2015

WP1/16 Experts,

We have only 2 meetings left in this ITU-T study period.  As we prepare 
for the next study period, we always work to prepare revised text of 
Questions.  Some Questions are merged, some deleted, and new ones 

With respect to WP1, the Rapporteurs believe that we should merge Q1, 
Q2, and Q5.  Q3 and Q21 would remain separate, though there are still 
questions about whether we should split some work in Q21 and move it to 
a Question in WP2.  Unfortunately, I do not have a formal proposal from 
the Rapporteur, yet.

What we have prepared, though, is draft text of what we intend to 
propose as the new Q1/16 and Q3/16 (numbers are subject to change, but 
we use these numbers for the benefit of those active in the work):
Merged Q1, Q2, Q5: 
Revised Q3: 

If you have input to provide on suggested changes, please feel free to 
do one of the following:
1) Reply to this email to discuss proposed changes.  Results of dialog, 
hopefully, will find their way into revised text at the next SG16 
2) Send the Rapporteurs email privately, so they can take your input on 
a particular Question
3) Submit a contribution to the next SG16 meeting proposing changes

Kindest Regards,
Paul E. Jones
Vice Chair, SG16
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