[sg16-avd] Reminder: Upcoming Rapporteur Group Meeting for WP1/16 Questions

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Mon Sep 29 00:50:24 EDT 2014


Thanks for the additional information.  If you have rough titles, please 
submit those.  I'll put the correct title into the document list once 
the document is submitted.  If you have no idea, I can go with a rough 
document count.


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Subject: Re: [sg16-avd] Reminder: Upcoming Rapporteur Group Meeting for 
WP1/16 Questions

>Hello Paul,
>In addition to the Q2 contributions I mentioned, from a Huawei 
>perspective I would expect 10 contributions for Q3 and 5 (+?) 
>contributions for Q5.
>Regards, Christian
>On 29/09/2014 2:32 PM, Paul E. Jones wrote:
>>WP1/16 Experts,
>>I just wanted to follow-up with this reminder once again. Thanks for 
>>those who sent registration requests to attend the meeting.
>>There were a few additional documents also registered, though mostly 
>>for Q3. I should remind you that in order to justify holding a meeting 
>>of the various Questions, we must have a reasonable number 
>>contributions registered.
>>To register a document, follow the document registration link on this 
>>Alternatively, send me information about the contribution and I'll 
>>register it for you.
>>I do reply to all emails, so if you sent a registration request 
>>(either for attendance or for a document) and did not get a reply, it 
>>got lost. In that case, please re-send your request and CC one of the 
>>other Rapporteurs (who I ask to forward messages to me).
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>>Subject: [sg16-avd] Reminder: Upcoming Rapporteur Group Meeting for 
>>WP1/16 Questions
>>>WP1/16 Experts,
>>>As a reminder, the subject Rapporteur Group meeting is approaching. 
>>>If you plan to attend, please send me an email containing:
>>>   * Your name
>>>   * Company name
>>>   * Email address
>>>   * Questions you plan to attend
>>>I need to have this information as soon as possible.
>>>Also, if you plan to submit contributions, please register those as 
>>>soon as possible. You can find the current list of documents and link 
>>>to the registration form on this page: 

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