[sg16-avd] Missing documents

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Wed Mar 5 13:03:00 EST 2014

WP1/16 Experts,

I have processed all of the documents that I have received thus far, 
placing each of them on the AVC site:

Please look over the list (you may need to refresh the page) and let me 
know if you see any errors.  If you submitted a document, it should be 
available for download.  If it is not there and you did upload it, 
please re-send it to me.  I have been advised that a few documents will 
be late.

I did receive AVD-4538, however it is missing "Contact" information.  
Could the author please re-send that document to me and include contact 
information?  (I believe this one was posted to the incoming directory, 
but you can email it to me directly or re-upload, whichever you prefer.)

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