[sg16-avd] Posting documents for the AVC Site

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Tue Jul 8 03:08:49 EDT 2014

Yeah, sure. I think we're in agreement now for 3-7 of November.  I'll create that directly shortly.


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wrt Interim Rapporteur Meeting in autumn:
could you already setup the doc registration site?
The web site should be independent of the final agreed date of the meeting.


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WP1/16 Experts,

I'm a bit late in setting up the FTP area for this meeting, but I have the initial HTML file and a couple of documents posted: http://ftp3.itu.int/av-arch/avc-site/2013-2016/1406_Sap/1406_Sap.html

If you have any input or output documents that you would like to post, please send them to me or indicate the document number and I'll post them.


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