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Tue Jan 7 01:48:46 EST 2014


This updated Overview is very helpful for me to understand the AMS 
project. Thanks alot. I'v still two questions:

Q1: Page 28,  Interface E (Container/Application to SN), but in the figure 
of interfaces there is no direct line between Application and SN,
      Page 32 saies, a Container or application must register with a SN 
before it can do anything,
      My question is, if an application does not associate with any 
Container can register with a SN? If yes, how does the SN manage and 
identify such applications?
      BTW, the lines of Interface A/E/K are not easily distinguished for 
the nearest color.

Q2: Page 34, the last two steps in this flow, communication between the 
applications might be A1 to A1, and A2 to A2?  I think it means the same 
type applications with the same number just like in the next slide.

BR, Xiaoyang

h325-design-bounces at lists.packetizer.com 写于 2014-01-07 上午 10:17:04:

> Folks,
> I have been asked by a number of people for an update on the 
> Advanced Multimedia System (AMS) / H.325.  The mailing lists have 
> been pretty quiet, but work is steadily progressing.  I was also 
> asked to refresh the AMS project page at the ITU.  I produced a 
> draft, but it still needs some work, as we're trying to present it 
> simply and concisely; I have a tendency for verbosity.
> However, an update was definitely in order since it has been several
> years, in fact, since I updated my "overview" slides.  Since that 
> time, there has been a lot of progress in terms of defining the 
> message flows, the relationship between entities, and the signaling 
> syntax of the new system.
> The presentation is available in several formats, so please use 
> whichever format you prefer:
> http://hive.packetizer.
> com/users/packetizer/papers/h325/ams_overview_and_update.pptx
> http://hive.packetizer.
> com/users/packetizer/papers/h325/ams_overview_and_update.pdf
> http://hive.packetizer.
> com/users/packetizer/papers/h325/ams_overview_and_update.xps
> Feel free to direct questions to me or the the h325-design at lists.
> packetizer.com mailing list.
> Best regards and I wish everyone a happy new year!
> Paul E. Jones
> Rapporteur, ITU-T Q2/16
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