[sg16-avd] Final document registration reminder

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Thu Feb 27 22:01:25 EST 2014

WP1/16 Experts,

Just a friendly reminder to please register any documents you would like 
to contribute to the upcoming meeting.  The deadlines for document 
registration and submission are as follows:

     Registration of documents: by 23:59 UTC, 28 February 2014
     Distribution of documents: by 23:59 UTC, 3 March 2014

This page shows all of the documents for which numbers have been 

On that page, you will also find a link to take you to another page 
where you can submit a document registration and to see recently 
registered documents that have not yet been processed.

If you are unable to access the document registration page, feel free to 
send an email to me or to this list and I'll register the document for 
you.  Please include the target questions, source, and document title.

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