[sg16-avd] Upcoming Rapporteur Group Meeting of WP1/16 Questions

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Stephen Botzko has kindly agreed to serve as the document manager for this


I did create the meeting directory, but we still need to create the template
files.  I’ll work with Stephen to get things started.




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Paul, thanks for notification!


We are already preparing a bunch of contribution. Thus, we are interested on
an early distribution of

a) the AVD template and

b) the website for AVD doc number allocation/registration






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WP1/16 Experts,


Questions 1, 2, 3, 5, and 21 plan to hold a Rapporteur Group meeting from
17-21 June 2013 in Oslo, Norway.  We will prepare a formal meeting notice
shortly and send that to the mailing list soon, but I wanted to share this
information with you as quickly as possible for those who need additional
time to prepare for travel.





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