[sg16-avd] Preliminary Notice of Joint Rapporteur Meeting in Geneva (10-14 March 2014)

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Thu Dec 19 21:49:28 EST 2013

Dear WP1/16 Experts,

I am sending this email as preliminary notice of our intent, as 
discussed during this most recent SG16 meeting, to hold a Rapporteur 
Group meeting 10 - 14 March 2014 in Geneva.

The complete text of the meeting invitation can be found on the AVC site 

As was mentioned during the SG16 meeting, hotel space during that week 
may be limited due to other events.  However, booking early you should 
be able to find accommodations.  We prepared the invitation a little 
early both to ensure that people have ample time to find accommodations 
and, due to the holidays approaching over the next few weeks in both the 
east and west, to ensure people have time to get a visa (if required).

Note that, while the document registration deadline in the invitation is 
rather generous, we really need to have a fairly accurate count of 
registrations by early February so that we will know that we have 
sufficient contributions to go forward with the meeting.  Therefore, 
please register contributions you intend to make as early as possible.

All other details you will find in the above referenced meeting notice.

Kindest Regards,
Paul E. Jones
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