[itu-sg16] Preliminary Notice of Joint Rapporteur Meeting in , Brisbane, Australia, Date: 24-28 September 2012

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Please find attached the Subject: Preliminary Notice of Joint Rapporteur 
Meeting in Brisbane, Australia, 24-28 September 2012. Please note the 
details differ to what was previously sent to the 
itu-sg16 at lists.packetizer.com list.

Your early registration of attendance and contributions would be 

Regards, Christian Groves (meeting organiser)
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To Experts of ITU-T SG16 Questions 2, 3, 5, 12, 21 and 22/16

Cc Mr Y Naito, Chairman of SG16 <yushi.naito at ties.itu.int>
   Mr S-H Jeong, Vice Chairman of SG16 <shjeong at hufs.ac.kr>
   Mr N Luo, Vice Chairman of SG16 <noah at huawei.com>
   Mr M. T. Neibert, Vice Chairman of SG16 <markneibert at mac.com>
   Ms C Lamblin, Vice Chairman of SG16 <claude.lamblin at orange-
   Mr I Oueichek, Vice Chairman of SG16 <oueichek at tarassul.sy>
   Mr F Soumah, Vice Chairman of SG16 <drfsuma at yahoo.fr>
   Mr S Campos-Neto, ITU TSB <simao.campos at itu.int>
   Mr P Luthi, Rapporteur for Q1/16 <pluthi at cisco.com>

   Mr P Jones, Rapporteur for Q2/16 and Q12/16 <paulej at packetizer.com>
   Mr C Groves, Rapporteur for Q3/16 <Christian.Groves at nteczone.com>
   Mr S Botzko, Rapporteur for Q5/16 <Stephen.Botzko at polycom.com >
   Mr N Luo, Rapporteur for Q22/16 and
          acting Rapporteur for Q21/16 <Noah at huawei.com>
   Ms MJ Sun, Associate Rapporteur for Q21/16 <sunmingjun at catr.com.cn>
   Mr S Horne, Meeting Host <s.horne at spranto.com>

Subject: Preliminary Notice of Joint Rapporteur Meeting in 
         Brisbane, Australia
Date: 24-28 September 2012 

Dear Experts of 2, 3, 5, 12, 21 and 22 /16,

The subject meeting of ITU-T SG16 experts is proposed to be held at the 
Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. Details of 
the proposed meeting are contained herein.

Final approval of whether or not the meeting will take place will be 
given 4 weeks before the meeting. Details may be subject to change before 
this date. The decision on whether the meeting will be held will be based 
on the number of participants and contributions. Therefore, early 
registration of delegates and contributions is encouraged. Delegates 
should take this into consideration in their planning.

1. Date

    24 (Monday) - 28 (Friday) September 2012
    Rapporteur Meeting will start at 9:00 on the first day and
    close around 18:00 on the last day.

2. Venue

Queensland University of Technology
Garden Point Campus
2 George St
Brisbane, Queensland 4000
Web: www.qut.edu.au
Phone: +61 7 3138 2000
E-mail: askqut at qut.edu.au

Meeting Host Contact
Simon Horne
Spranto Australia Pty. Ltd.
Email: s.horne at spranto.com
Phone: +61 412 984 323

The rooms are S-636 and S-637 in the School of Engineering Systems at 
the Gardens Point Campus of Queensland University of Technology

A PDF map is available here:

3. Topics (tentative)

1) Review of the relevant group activities

2) Q2/16 H.323 real-time multimedia system

The objectives for this meeting are:
- Review of interim activities
- Coordinate with other SDOs, Questions, or Study Groups
- Review items proposed for the H.323-series Implementors' Guide
- Progress work on:
    o H.323-Series Implementers Guide
    o H.460.24 Amendment 2
    o H.460.SessionID
    o H.245
- Discussion of miscellaneous and new work items
- Discuss plans for future meetings

3) Q3/16 Multimedia gateway control architectures and protocols

The objectives for this meeting are:
- Coordinate with other SDOs, Questions, or Study Groups
- Progress work on:
    o H.248.66 (ex H.248.RTSP)
    o H.248.74 (ex H.248.MRCP)
    o H.248.80 (ex H.248.SDPMAPPER)
    o H.248.82 (ex H.248.ECN)
    o H.248.DPI
    o H.248.RTPTOPO
    o H.248.LOOPB
    o H.248.TLS
    o H.248.TLSPROF
    o H.248.RTCPPROF
    o H.Supp.Prio
    o H.248 Sub Series IG
    o H Series Supp. 2
- Consider new material.

4) Q5/16 Telepresence Systems

The objectives for this meeting are:
- Coordinate with other Questions; 
- Progress Topics related to 
    o F.TPS-Reqs
    o F/H.TPS-Arch
    o H.TPS-AV
- Consider new material.

5) Q12/16 Advanced multimedia system for NGN and other packet-based 

The objectives for this meeting are:
- Coordinate with other SDOs, Questions, or Study Groups
- Review of Interim Activities
- Review input contributions to this meeting
- Progress work on all aspects of the Advanced Multimedia System
- Discussion of miscellaneous and new work items
- Review work programme and make necessary adjustments

6) Q21/16 Multimedia architecture

The objectives for this meeting are:
- Progress work on visual surveillance
- Progress work on home network
- Discuss new topics 

7) Q22/16 Multimedia applications and services

The objectives for this meeting are:
- Progress work on LIMS
- Progress work on network-based location information conversion 

4. Documents

/// Registration of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 14 September 2012 ///
/// Distribution of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 17 September 2012 ///
/// Use the ftp site (or e-mail reflector) for distribution       ///

1) Documents must be registered by 23:59 UTC, Friday
   14 September 2012.  The preferred means of registering documents
   is via the web form accessible via
   If this form is inaccessible, you may submit your requests to
   Mr Paul Jones <paulej at packetizer.com>, document manager for this

   With either means of registration, document numbers will be
   assigned manually and shown in the list of registered
   documents.  To see the list of registered documents, visit
   http://www.packetizer.com/standards/itu-sg16/ and select the
   list for this meeting.

   Once registered, a document number AVD-nnnn will be allocated.
   Early indication of your submission plan is welcome and encouraged.

   Note - Prefix "AVD" comes from Audio, Video and Data.

2) You are advised to use the document template available at the
   following place:


3) File format: Use of Word, PDF, ASCII or HTML is recommended.

4) All the contributors are requested to distribute their documents
   as early as possible, at least 7 calendar days in advance of the
   meeting (23:59 UTC, Monday 17 September 2012 or before) by posting
   them at either of the following:

    - Uploading via FTP
        Site: ftp3.itu.int/
        Login: avguest
        Password: Avguest201007 (Note the uppercase 'A')
        Directory: av-arch/avc-site/Incoming

    - E-mail reflector
        E-mail address: itu-sg16 at lists.packetizer.com
        To subscribe: itu-sg16-join at lists.packetizer.com

   Please avoid the use of reflector when your document is voluminous
   (i.e., more than 100 kbytes).

5) Input documents can be retrieved from 1209_Bri directory of the
   ftp site once Mr Paul Jones has an opportunity to put them into place.

   The documents will be available through the following URLs:
            Login: avguest
            Password: Avguest201007 (Note the uppercase 'A')

6) The document distribution/presentation at the meeting will be
   all electronic. Participants must bring along a laptop to access
   documents via the wireless LAN.
   (Internet access will be available in the meeting rooms).

   Note: make sure you have the right power adapter for Australia,
   see http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Domestic_AC_power_plugs_and_sockets
   Australian standard AS/NZS 3112 (Australasian 10 A/240 V).

5. Logistic Information

The meeting will be hosted by Spranto Australia Pty Ltd at the Gardens 
Point Campus of Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, 
Queensland, Australia.

The closest airport is Brisbane Airport <http://bne.com.au>. Brisbane 
Airport is smaller and immigration and customs clearance may be quicker 
than in Sydney or Melbourne. There are direct flights from Singapore, 
Korea, Japan, China and the US. There are two flights a day from LA 
(Qantas and Virgin Australia) and one from Dallas/FortWorth (Qantas).

There are a number of transport options to and from the Brisbane airport 
and the hotel/venue precinct. An overview of the options can be found at: 

A map of the airport, venue and hotels can be found at:

The meeting venue is walking distance from the hotels.

There should be no need to hire a car. However, if you need to hire a car 
there are a number of car hire places in the city:
Hertz          55 Charlotte St.
Budget         53 Albert St.
Europcar       576 Queen St.

The additional meeting information can be found at:

6. Registration and Visa Information

To register your meeting attendance, please send e-mail to

Christian Groves <Christian.Groves at nteczone.com>, providing the family 
name, given name, company name, and e-mail address of person(s) 

Early registration of your attendance is welcome and encouraged, but
preferably before 14 September 2012 to facilitate the production of
badges for all participants. 

Anyone wanting to enter Australia must carry a valid passport or similar 
certificate of identification and everyone, except holders of Australian 
and New Zealand passports, requires a visa to enter Australia.

Australian Immigration requires that you supply information about your 
first night?s accommodation on your arrival form. Please have this 
information with you, not in your checked in luggage. This will minimise 
delays on arrival.

For information on Australian Visas for event participants, see:

People needing visa support letters should register as soon as possible. 
Participants who need an invitation letter for visas should contact 
Mr Christian Groves <Christian.Groves at nteczone.com>, providing the family 
name, first name, and other identifying information required by the 
Australian embassy in your country.  

7. Hotel Room Reservation

Participants should contact the hotels directly regarding room
availability and for making room bookings. No rooms have been reserved 
for this event. 

Suggested Hotels nearby are (in no particular order or price):

Sebel Hotel

Holiday Inn Brisbane (Roma St Station)

Ibis Hotel

Mercure Hotel

Rendezvous Hotel

Sofitel Brisbane (Central Station)

Quay West Suites Brisbane

Treasury Casino and Hotel

Rydges South Bank Hotel

We are looking forward to meeting with you in Brisbane.

Sincerely yours,

Christian GROVES(meeting organizer for this meeting)
Simon Horne (meeting host) 
Paul JONES (document manager for this meeting)
Seong-Ho JEONG
Noah LUO 
Stephen BOTZKO
Ming Jun SUN

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