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For your information.


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Subject: Standards Q&A Launch

Standards Q&A : Send us your queries or comments on ITU-T Recommendations

A Standards Q&A  is being launched on a pilot basis as from 15 September 2011. The objective of the Standards Q&A is to enable developing countries to submit their queries concerning their understanding and application of ITU-T Recommendations and seek advice from Study Group experts.

It is an open forum for questions concerning the standardization work of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). It offers a unique opportunity to engage with the experts that develop the standards that underpin ICTs. This forum is moderated and information/questions posted to the forum may only be visible to everyone only after  moderation. The Forum also offers a platform where exchange of information between developed and developing countries on application of ITU-T Recommendations can be facilitated. The forum would also be a potential source of opportunity for other stakeholders from developed countries to contribute and make themselves known to developing countries.

You are invited to connect to Standards Q&A at http://groups.itu.int/itu-t/StandardsQA.aspx and to submit your queries/comments.

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