[itu-sg16] Meeting notice of Q13/16 meeting at Dubai, UAE on 21-22 Sept. 2011

Masahito Kawamori masahito.kawamori at ties.itu.int
Wed Sep 14 18:33:49 EDT 2011

Experts of ITU-T SG16 Question 13/16 Multimedia application platforms
and end systems for IPTV

Cc     Mr Y Naito, Chairman of SG16
                            <Naito.Yushi at dr.MitsubishiElectric.co.jp>
       Ms C Lamblin, Vice Chairman of SG16
                            <claude.lamblin at orange-ftgroup.com>
       Mr S-H Jeong, Vice Chairman of SG16
                            <shjeong at hufs.ac.kr>
       Mr N Luo, Vice Chairman of SG16
                            <noah at huawei.com>
       Mr M Neibert, Vice Chairman of SG16
                            <markneibert at mac.com>
       Mr I Oueichek, Vice Chairman of SG16
                            <oueichek at tarassul.sy>
       Mr F Soumah, Vice Chairman of SG16
                            <drfsuma at yahoo.fr>
       Mr S Campos-Neto, ITU TSB
                            <simao.campos at itu.int>

De     M Kawamori, Rapporteur for Q13/16
                            <kawamori.masahito at lab.ntt.co.jp>

  Subject: Notice of Rapporteur Meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  Date:    21-22 September 2011

Dear Experts of Q13/16,

The subject meeting of ITU-T SG16 experts will be held at the Dubai,
the United Arab Emirates. Details of the

are contained herein. Please note that this meeting is co-located with
Joint ITU - AICTO Workshop on

"Interoperability of IPTV in the Arab region" on 20-21 September 2011,
and also with the Interop event on 21 and 22

September 2011.

1. Date

21(Wed) - 22 (Thu) September 2011

2. Venue
Mina Al Salam Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

For further information on the meeting venue, please visit the website
at <http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/worksem/iptv/201109/> and also

3. Topics (tentative)

- Coordinate with other SDOs, Questions, and Study Groups
- Progress work on
o       H.IPTV-MAFR.6
o       H.IPTV-MAFR.10
o       H.IPTV-MAFR.14
o       H.IPTV-Widget
o       H.IPTV-AM.0
o       H.IPTV-AM.1
o       H.FDSS
o       HSTP.CONF-H701
o       HSTP.CONF-H761
o       HSTP.CONF-H762
o       HSTP.IPTV-HRM.1
o       HSTP.IPTV-HRM.2
o       HSTP.IPTV-HRM.3
o       HSTP.SMTD

4. Documents

 /// Registration of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 19 September 2011 ///
 /// Distribution of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 20 September 2011 ///
 /// Use the ftp site (or e-mail reflector) for distribution    ///

1) When you are going to submit a document, please notify Mr Masahito
Kawamori <kawamori.masahito at lab.ntt.co.jp>,

document manager of this meeting, as soon as
   possible, by 23:59 UTC, Monday 19 October 2011 at the latest.

2) You are advised to use the document template available at the
   following place:


3) File format: Use of Word, PDF, ASCII or HTML is recommended.

4) All the contributors are requested to distribute their documents as
   early as possible by posting
   them by:

   - Uploading via FTP

5. Logistic Information
 For the information on logistic information, please visit :
<http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/worksem/iptv/201109/> and also

We are looking forward to meeting with you in Dubai.

Sincerely yours,

Masahito KAWAMORI (meeting organizer of this meeting)


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