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Dear experts



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Subject: [T16AVD] Annoucement of joint Q21 ,22 rapporteur meeting (In the form of teleconference)

 To Experts of ITU-T SG16 Questions 21, 22/16


Subject: Joint Q21,22 expert remote meeting

Date:    17 - 18 October 2011


Dear Experts of Questions  21, 22/16:

The subject meeting of ITU-T SG16 Q21, 22 experts will be held by remote conferencing.  Details of the meeting are contained herein.

This is a meeting held by remote conferencing only.

1. Date


17 (Monday) - 18  (Tuesday) October 2011

     Here are the Gotomeeting details for remote participation:

     URL: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/join/804534064

     Meeting Title: SG16 Q21,22

     Meeting Date: Mon-Tue 17 & 18 October, 2011. 11h00 to 13h00 (Geneva


     Meeting Password: sg16q2122

     Meeting ID: 804-534-064

     Audio conference call options:

     You will be connected to audio using your computer's microphone and speakers (VoIP).  A headset is recommended.

     NOTE: For more information, please read the following:


2. Venue


The meeting will be held by remote conferencing only.

3. Topics (tentative)


It is expected that the meeting may be finished on the first day only.

To accommodate the longer discussion, the second day 18 is set aside.

This meeting is meant to be the syubstitute for the cancelled August meeting of Q21, 22 experts during the week of IoT-GSI.

[1]Q21/16 Multimedia architecture

- Progress work on NID

[2]Q22/16 Multimedia applications and services

- Progress work on NID

[3]Discussion of possible changes to Q21 and Q22 in their scopes and texts and other aspects in preparation for the next study period

4. Documents


This meeting is meant to be the substitute for the cancelled August meeting of Q21, 22 experts during the week of 2nd IoT-GSI event. So some documents submitted then are available at the the IoT-GSI web page.

1) When you are going to submit a document, please notify

    Mr Chiaki Ishikawa <chiaki.ishikawa at ubin.jp<mailto:chiaki.ishikawa at ubin.jp>>, document manager of

    this meeting, as soon as possible

    at the latest. Preliminary document number AVD-nnnn will be allocated.

    Early indication of your submission plan is welcome and encouraged.

    Note - Prefix "AVD" comes from Audio, Video and Data.

2) You are advised to use the document template available at the

    following place:


3) File format: Use of Word, PDF, ASCII or HTML is recommended.

4) All the contributors are requested to distribute their documents

    as early as possible

    by posting them at either of the following:

- Uploading via FTP

    Site: ftp3.itu.int/<ftp://ftp3.itu.int/>

    User ID: avguest

    Password: Avguest201007 (Note the uppercase 'A')

    Directory: avc-site/Incoming

- E-mail reflector

    E-mail address: itu-sg16 at lists.packetizer.com<mailto:itu-sg16 at lists.packetizer.com>

    To subscribe: please visit


    Please avoid the use of reflector when your document is voluminous

    (i.e., more than 100 kbytes).

5) Input documents can be retrieved from 1110_Tok directory of the

    ftp site once Mr.Ishikawa has an opportunity to put them into place.

    The documents will be available through the following URLs:



    user: avguest, password: Avguest201007

6) The document distribution/presentation at the meeting will be

    all electronic. Participants must download the documents.

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