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Dear all,

1.      ITU-T, the telecommunication standardization sector of ITU, has
set up a Focus Group on Driver Distraction. The Terms of Reference and
further information related to the Focus Group on Driver Distraction is
available here: http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/focusgroups/distraction/

2.      Participation in the Focus Group is open to any individual from
a country that is a member of ITU who wishes to contribute to the work.
This includes individuals who are also members of international,
regional and national organizations. 

3.      Meeting announcement for the first Focus Group on Driver
Distraction meeting to be held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, from 17 to
18 May 2011 is now posted on the FG Distraction web page. For this FG
Distraction meeting, please register preferably by 3 May 2011. The
online registration form is also available on the FG Distraction web

4.      The deadline for submitting contributions to the meeting is 10
May 2011.  You can find the meeting document submission process and a
template for contributions on the same FG Distraction web page.

5.      Meeting documents would be uploaded to
<http://ifa.itu.int/t/fg/distraction/docs/1105-ann/in/>  , which are
linked from "Meeting documents
" on the FG Distraction web page.

Best regards,

FG Distraction Secretariat


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