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Subject: [T16-ALL] Rapporteurs Meeting in Andover, Massachusetts, USA


As presented in the SG16 plenary, several SG16 WP2 questions are planning
joint Rapporteur meetings on 18-22 July 2011 in Andover, Massachusetts, USA.
The meetings will be hosted by Polycom.  The questions that are planning to
meet include Q1/16, 2, 3, 4, 5, 12, 21, and 22.  Q24, 25, and 27/16 may be
meeting as well.


If you need a letter of invitation, please contact me directly
(Stephen.Botzko at polycom.com).  Please provide the information you need in
order get your visa approved (including at least your organization name and
address and your name and title).  We can provide letters through pdf
(email), fax, or ordinary mail.  Please let me know which form(s) of
delivery you need.


Best Regards,

Stephen Botzko

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