[itu-sg16] A reminder for WP2 Questions joint rapporteurs meeting during 20-24 February 2012, Geneva

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Mon Dec 26 01:06:49 EST 2011

That should have been "bots", not "boys"... silly auto-correct.


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To prevent people or boys from registering bogus documents, my plan is to manually assign the AVD numbers.  I will do this from time to time, but if you need a number immediately for reference purposes, ping me and I'll make the numerical assignment ASAP.


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Thanks Paul for that initiative, appreciate it!
Did register already a couple of docs, - but how will be the numbers allocated?
Manually (by the registrator or by the list owner?) or automatically?

BR, Albrecht

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I would like to try an experiment during this meeting with respect to document registration.  I will be using Google Docs to record document registrations leading up to the meeting.  This will allow you to request a document number without sending me an email and will also ensure that your request is properly recorded.  Google will maintain the timestamps for all registrations.

I created this page: http://www.packetizer.com/standards/itu-sg16/

On that page, you can click on the link to register a document and see all current document registrations.  Please use this registration form is possible.  Google Docs is not accessible in all countries, so if you are unable to see the form or submit your request, then email your request to me as prescribed in the meeting announcement.


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