[itu-sg16] A reminder for WP2 Questions joint rapporteurs meeting during 20-24 February 2012, Geneva

LuoZhong noah at huawei.com
Mon Dec 26 01:06:49 EST 2011

  Dear All


  This mail is intended as a reminder or preliminary meeting notice for the


  Previously, I sent out a meeting notice which looked like a formal meeting
notice. I am sorry since it is not procedurally completely correct.


  I indeed wanted to combine several procedural steps together, but I
realized it is not a good practice.


  So, I start from the beginning.(But of course, the information I put in
the formal meeting notice is based on our previous communications with many


  By sending this mail to you, Mr.Jeong and I, as WP2 co-chairs, request you
to kindly feedback the following information as soon as possible(Ideally no
later than 4th January 2012):


  [1]Do you plan to attend this meeting?

 [2]If you answer "Yes"to[1], then do you plan to submit some technical
contributions?How many?


With this information gathered and summed up, we can decide if there are
sufficient degree of participation for this meeting to justify our request
for SG16 chair's formal approval of the meeting.



Thanks a lot!


Best Regards



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