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For the IoT'ers





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Subject: Special Session on "international IoT Standardization' during the 2nd IoT-GSI event 22-26 August
Importance: High


Dear Colleagues,


Your attention is drawn to a "Special Session on international IoT standardization" which is scheduled on 23 August at 9:30h. 

During this special session, the ITU, ISO and IEC will provide views on this hot topic. An intervention of the European Commission is also foreseen. 

Considering that there aren't parallel IoT-GSI sessions scheduled, we would encourage the IoT-GSI delegates to attend this interesting session, which includes among speakers Mr Rob Steele, ISO Secretary General. 

For your convenience, the draft program is extracted below from the JCA-IoT meeting agenda. 


8.         Special Session on international IoT standardization

a.      Global views: 

·           ISO - Rob Steele (Secretary General, ISO)

·           ITU - Bilel Jamoussi (Chief Study Groups Department, ITU-T/TSB)

·           IEC - Gabriel Barta (Head of Technical Coordination, IEC) [tbc]

b.      European Commission views:

·           EC - Florent Frederix (Head of Sector, Information Society and Media, EC)




FYI, the draft agenda for the JCA-IoT meeting, 22-23 August 2011, is now available [jca-iot-i-48 <http://ifa.itu.int/t/sftp/jcaiot/1108/in/jca-iot-i-048_JCA-IoT_convener_draft_agenda.doc> ].


Best regards,





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Subject:  2nd IoT-GSI event 22-26 August

Dear all,

The 2nd IoT-GSI (Internet of Things - Global Standards Initiative) event is scheduled on 22-26 August 2011 in parallel to ITU-T SG 17 <http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/studygroups/com17/index.asp>  meeting (security).

The following Study Group Questions will meet at this IoT-GSI event:

-          SG17 (Q6)

-          SG16 (Q21, Q22, Q24, Q25)

-          SG13 (Q3, Q7, Q12)

-          SG11 (Q12)

In addition, during the IoT-GSI event, Question 1 of SG2 will provide a presentation on "Identifiers in the Ubiquitous Network".

Please, allow me to remind you about the DEADLINE for Contribution's submission, which is set in TSB Circular 201 <http://www.itu.int/md/T09-TSB-CIR-0201/en>  as: midnight of 11 August 2011 (Geneva time). Contributions for IoT-GSI should be sent to the TSB secretariat at tsbiotgsi at itu.int.

If you plan to attend the IoT-GSI, please register online at: http://www.itu.int/reg/tsg/3000281 

In addition to the IoT-GSI event, the JCA-IoT meeting will take place in the mornings of 22-23 August. See for more details the JCA-IoT meeting announcement <http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/jca/iot/Documents/JCA-IoT-meeting-announcement-2011-08-22.docx>  and the web page <http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/jca/iot/Pages/default.aspx> .

The updated weekly work plan is available at: http://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/gsi/iot/Documents/IoTGSI-workplan-090811.pdf

The report of the first IoT-GSI Technical and Strategic Review (TSR) is available at: http://ifa.itu.int/t/2009/iot-gsi/docs/1105/TD/iotgsi-td-037_tsr_first_tsr_report.docx
Best regards,

Stefano Polidori
Secretariat JCA-IoT and IoT-GSI
Internet of Things - Joint Coordination Activity and Global Standards Initiative
International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
stefano.polidori at itu.int 
+41227305858 (office)
+41795991413 (mobile)

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