[itu-sg16] Q13/16 audio meeting on Conformance and Interoperability on 24 Nov. 2010

Masahito Kawamori kawamorim at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 00:24:53 EST 2010



Most of the documents have been posted for the upcoming Rapporteur meeting,
with just a handful still unavailable.  Here's the current list:



Those files with working hyperlinks have been received and posted.  The
without have not been received.  If you emailed your document and it is not
posted, it's possible that it did not get past my spam filter (though you
should have received an error message in that case).  If email presents an
issue, please feel free to submit the document to /incoming of the AVC site.
See the meeting announcement for login information:



Note that AVD-4038 was received on time, but I could not open the file.
I've asked the author to re-submit the document.


There is at least one liaison statement still to be posted.  I will post
that and other incoming liaison statements as AVD-numbered documents as we
have traditionally done.





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