[itu-sg16] Extra room availability in the afternoon of Nov 29th.

ishikawa chiaki.ishikawa at ubin.jp
Wed Nov 17 02:21:13 EST 2010

Dear Paul and others.

This is Chiaki Ishikawa, again.

(I suppose I was so used to ITU-T Geneva HQ, where rooms are plentiful and 
failed to foresee the problem.)

Morning meeting might be possible, but the
issue turned out to be pretty tricky and we may need more than two hours.
The morning sesson starts at 9:30.
  (At least the teleconference took more than two hours to proceed. Maybe 
face to face meeting can proceed quicker.)

I will investigate whether a hotel room meeting in the afternoon is possible 
as suggested earlier by Stefano.
Given that we have a whole afternoon, going back and forth should not be a 
problem. Now if the hotel has a nice meeting room is another matter. That I 
will investigate.

Chiaki Ishikawa

On (11/17/2010 04:33 AM), Paul E. Jones wrote:
> Stephen,
> 14:00 is currently scheduled as a Q2/Q12 meeting, unless Noah has revised
the schedule very recently.
> In any case, if the schedule is revised to accommodate the meeting, then
having the special session is not an issue, though the room will be occupied
by everybody, not just the 10 or so interested in the meeting.
> I'd recommend an early morning meeting so we don't have to compress the
schedule and to allow the meeting to be a little more intimate.

> Paul

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