[itu-sg16] Updated document list

Paul E. Jones paulej at packetizer.com
Tue Nov 16 09:27:50 EST 2010

Dear Paul,

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Chiaki Ishikawa (SCAT) from Japan.

I am going to attend the meeting at Cisco building later this month.

Thank you for taking care of the meeting logistics and all that.

Now, I have to ask you a favor.

Some experts from Q.22, Q.21, and Q.25, as well as external experts from ISO 
and elsewhere, have been discussing an issue that needs to be resolved
between ITU-T and ISO, and specifically JCA-NID meetings took place this 
year to address this issue. The earlier meeting could not resolve this, and 
so an liaison statement was sent from ITU-T SG16 to ISO SC 31 WG6. And an 
informal ad-hoc meeting and teleconferences of experts have been going on 
since August to address this issue.

We are close to some agreement about the technical direction (if I am not 
mistaken,) and also about the procedure (a formal response to the LS is in
the waiting to be voted by ISO SC 31 WG6 the last time I heard.)

Many participants of this ad-hoc meeting gather in Research Triangle to
attend this SG16 WP2 rapporteur meeting and so we would like to
hold a meeting for a couple of hours, at least, in the afternoon of Nov. 
29th to discuss this matter in an informal manner.
Mr. Noah Luo was kind enough to clear the schedule of Q.21, Q.22, and Q.25 
so that the experts involved in this issue can attend the meeting without worry.

However, as it turned out, we have a room availability problem.
Stefano obviously consulted with you earlier, and it was suggested that 
maybe we can use the main room for such a meeting in the afternoon. We may 
need a telcon facility if possible. WAN access is a must if we go the route 
of Skype for others who can't come and still want to attend.

Is the use of the "main room"(?) possible in the afternoon of Nov 29th?
(I hope to have  a meeting from 14:00 so that we had enough time after 
lunch, and 14:00 is 20:00 in Paris where an important stakeholder or two can 
join by teleconference. We may be able to shift it by 30 minutes or so both 

We are an informal gathering and so if  up-to seven or 8 (with additional 
chairs if necessary)  people can sit around a table and chat informally, it 
might be OK. My point is that the room doesn't have to be very big.

I hate to add another logistical request to yours, but I wonder
if you can help us in this matter.

Chiaki Ishikawa

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