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Subject: Call for abstracts for the December 2010 ITU-T security
workshop "Addressing security challenges on a global scale" 



Dear all,


An ITU-T workshop on "Addressing security challenges on a global scale"
will take place at ITU Headquarters, in Geneva, Switzerland, from 6
(afternoon) to 7 December 2010, prior to the meeting of Study Group 17
scheduled to take place in Geneva from 8 to 17 December 2010.


Security topics that are currently considered are (but not limited to): 

I.	Keynote speeches 

	*	Emerging applications of PKI 
	*	Collaboration for ICT security standardization 
	*	Developing countries 
	*	Policy/regulatory aspects 

II.	Telecom and cloud security 

	*	Threat or opportunity 
	*	The cloud in the telecom space 
	*	Identity in the cloud 
	*	Meeting regulatory obligations 

III.	Telebiometrics and applications (e-health, ...) 

	*	Telebiometrics: Technology, applications, benefits, and
	*	Telebiometrics standardization 
	*	Future work on telebiometrics 

IV.	Cybersecurity information exchange (CYBEX) 

	*	Assurance, making cybersecurity measurable 
	*	Identity management (IdM) 
	*	CIRTs, sharing of information 
	*	Applications of CYBEX 
	*	CYBEX for telecoms 
	*	Awareness 

V.	Standardization landscape 

	*	Smart grid security (NIST) 
	*	IPv6 (IETF) / Security for Locator/ID Separation
Protocol (LISP) 
	*	ISO/IEC 27000-series of standards (ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 27) 
	*	Identity in the cloud, smart grid or privacy (ETSI) 
	*	Identity in the cloud (OASIS) 
	*	Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) 
	*	ITU-T Focus Groups (FG Cloud, FG Smart, FG FN) 
	*	Critical Network Infrastructure (CNI) 
	*	Others  

More information will be posted as available at:


If you wish to participate in the workshop by giving a presentation, I
would be grateful if you could send an abstract of your proposed
presentation(s) by 15 June 2010 to tsbworkshps at itu.int
<mailto:tsbworkshps at itu.int> . You may find the call for abstracts at
<http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/worksem/security/201012/cfa.html> ."



Best regards,


Georges Sebek

Secretariat SG 17


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