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Dear all,


1.	Meeting announcement for the next Focus Group on Cloud Computing
meeting to be held in Geneva, from 2 to 6 September 2010 is now posted
on the FG Cloud web page at: http://itu.int/ITU-T/focusgroups/cloud/


2.	Please note that joint session is planned with the Focus Group
on Future Network(FG FN) that will meet at the same location from 6 to 9
September 2010.


3.	For the next FG Cloud meeting, please register preferably by 6
August 2010. The online registration form is also available on the FG
Cloud web page: http://itu.int/reg/tsg/3000173


4.	The deadline for submitting contributions to the meeting is 27
August 2010. A template for contributions is available at :


5.	Results from 1st meeting are posted at:



FG Cloud Secretariat

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