[itu-sg16] Q13/16 e-Meeting 07 Jul: Accepted TD - 'HSTP.IPTV-ISPF(IPTV Service Platform)'

Teck Kiong tklee at i2r.a-star.edu.sg
Thu Jul 8 01:17:09 EDT 2010

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Subject: Meeting result on July 7
From: Kazunori TANIKAWA <kazu at q04.itscom.net>
Date: 07/08 00:16

Dear Q13/16 Chairs and Experts,

This is a report of e-meeting on July 7, 2010.

Moderator: K.Tanikawa (on behalf of Mr.Kawamori)
Attendee: Teck Kiong Lee, Raf?(India delegate), Simao Campos, Kazunori
 - HTSP.IPTV-ISPF: Editorial modifications (Singapore)
   Proposal was accepted.  Editors hope to complete and have approval
   this document at SG16 plenary on July 30.

 - H.770 Amd.2: Oppen Issues (NEC)
   Main proposers of TR-069 items, both Brazil and Huawei, were absent
   from the e-meeting; therefore, just review remaining issues of
   H.770. It is necessary to consult with them during next IPTV-GSI.

 - H.IPTV-CONF.7: Updated document (NEC)
   Review new modifications and additions to H.CONF.7. Proposal is

 - H.IPTV-CONF.6: H.762 conformance sample test for the New Draft
Recommendation H.IPTV-CONF.6(NTT)
   Contributor has not made in time; therefore, moderator presented
   briefly.  There seemed to be no objection; however, it is good thing
   to present this contribution at next Q13/16 rappoture meeting.


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