[itu-sg16] Information about Q13/16 electronic meeting (Sessions on Wed from 25 Aug to 8 Sep)

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Thu Aug 12 05:43:37 EDT 2010

(resent with corrected instructions - please disregard the earlier

Dear experts,

New mailing list t09sg16q5 at lists.itu.int has been created to support the
ITU-T SG 16 discussions for telepresence standardization.

This follows the creation of Question 5/16 by SG 16 at its meeting in
Geneva, 19-30 July 2010. The text of the question (including its terms
of reference) can be found here:

Question 5/16 work items, once agreed, will be listed at the following

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Best regards,
ITU-T SG 16 Secretariat
<tsbsg16 at itu.int>

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