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Dear All,

Thank you very much for your cooperation in taking your all precious 
time to make up early consent on the Recommendation on Network-based 
S2ST for the further development of research.

Last Friday, the SG16 closing plenary consented draft F.S2STreqs in 
TD 276/PLEN and H.S2STarch in TD 277/PLEN, but it also decided to 
continue editorial refinements in 4 weeks time before putting them to 
Last Call.

Your suggestions to the text improvement of these two draft 
Recommendations are very much welcome and appreciated. Please forward 
your comments to me 
<<mailto:chiori.hori at nict.go.jp>chiori.hori at nict.go.jp>, hopefully by 
the end of 24 August (UTC).

You can find the two documents at the following place:

F.S2STreqs "Functional Requirements for Network-based S2ST"

H.S2STarch "Architecture of network-based speech-to-speech translation system"

Thank you very much for you kind support.
Best regards,

Chiori Hori
  Spoken Language Communication Group
  MASTAR Project
  National Institute of Information and Communications Technology

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