[itu-sg16] URGENT: audio-meetings with MPEG - Cancelled!

Masahito Kawamori kawamorim at gmail.com
Sat Apr 17 07:38:58 EDT 2010

Dear experts of Q13/16

This is to remind you of our audio meeting with MPEG on AIT (Advanced
IPTV Terminal), as announced at the last Q13/16 meeting in Shanghai. The
first meeting is planned for 17th April (Saturday), as a wrap-up,
another meeting is scheduled on 18th April (Sunday). Please note the
second meeting starts one hour earlier than the first. 
The call-in number is given below.

Electronic meeting with MPEG on AIT 
	Date: Saturday 17 April 2010, (Dresden, Germany)
		14:00 (Geneva) ? 15:30 
		05:00 (Los Angeles)
		9:00 (Sao Paulo), 
		20:00 (Beijing, Singapore)
		21:00 (Seoul,Tokyo), 
		Review of contributions,
		Drafting Working Document

Electronic meeting with MPEG on AIT 
	Date: Sunday 18 April 2010, (Dresden, Germany)
		13:00 (Geneva) ? 14:00 
		4:00 (Los Angeles)
		8:00 (Sao Paulo), 
		19:00 (Beijing, Singapore)
		20:00 (Seoul,Tokyo), 
		Wrap-up and makde decisions based on the previous

To participate please dial-in 

Tel: ?+41 22 730 5384
PIN code: 5632

Looking forward to meeting you

Best regards


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