[itu-sg16] AVD-3813 Handling Of Error Conditions in H.323

Sasha Ruditsky sasha at radvision.com
Wed Sep 30 18:00:51 EDT 2009

Q2 Experts,


The conclusion for the discussion of the AVD-3813 during the last SG16
meeting's was to ask the experts opinion through the mailing list.

My apology for the short notice. I hope that we still have time before
the next meeting for people to understand the problem and express their


The problem discussed in AVD 3813 is more or less as follows:



H.225.0 gives very little attention to the specification of processing
of the H.225.0 Call Signaling messages errors. The only place dedicated
to this subject is Clause 7.1 of H.225.0.  


On the other hand, ITU-T Recommendation Q.931 on which H.225.0 messages
are based provides quite detailed information on the same subject. While
H.225.0 states that Implementations shall follow ITU-T Rec. Q.931 as
specified in H.225.0, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the cases
which H.225.0 does not cover and Q.931 does.


In addition, ETSI TS 101 804 - 2 defines Conformance Test Specification
for ITU-T H.225.0. This test specification apparently based on Q.931
procedures, not on the corresponding H.225.0 ones. More than this, in
many cases ETSI TS 101 804 - 2 requests behavior which claims to be
based on Q.931, however is not defined neither in Q.931, nor H.225.0. 



Apparently "H.323 conformant" not always means "ETSI TS 101 804 - 2
conformant" and I believe we need to find some solution to at least make
this particular point clear.


I'm going to resubmit AVD-3813. 

It would be great to be able to get some ideas from the group into the
resubmitted document.


Thank you,



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