[itu-sg16] 答复: Re: submit contributions for Sg16 meeting from ZTE,THANKS

miao.chuanyang at zte.com.cn miao.chuanyang at zte.com.cn
Mon Jun 22 01:50:26 EDT 2009

Dear Mr.Kawamori
    I am also confused that our contribtions was not subscribed into 
IPTV-GSI because I had indicated that those contributions are for the 
IPTV-GSI when I send a list to Mr.Goto(I thought he was the document 
manager) for applying the AVD number.
    Maybe I should have copy the list to you for describing them. I 
thought those contributions should be allocated to IPTV-GSI automatically. 
It seems that I am wrong.
    Anyway, if you please to give the IPTV-GSI C number? We will 
appreciate it. 
    Looking foward to talking with you during the meeting today.
    Thanks very much!


Dear Mr. Miao, Mr Feng

Is there any special reason you want the contributions AVD-3775 -
AVD-3782 to be treated as SG16 contributions rather than IPTV-GSI
contributions?  Is it OK to give them IPTV-GSI Contribution numbers if
so agreed?

Thanking you in advance

Best regards


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