[itu-sg16] Joint Meeting with MPEG

Masahito Kawamori kawamorim at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 11:06:42 EST 2009

Dear Q13/16 Experts

The logistic information on the MPEG meeting is available at the following site:



Once in Lausanne, how to get to EPFL

Take the metro M1 from Lausanne Flon to EPFL, or from the Renens train
station to EPFL. There is about one metro each 10 minutes during the

      Metro timetable (french only)

      Public transports available (french only)  http://www.t-l.ch/

Once in EPFL

    *      PDF map of EPFL campus

      Dynamic map of EPFL campus

      There are some parking places (paying) for visitors available
under l'Esplanade, and along the Avenue Piccard. Car parks indicated
by the green "P" symbol are reserved for holders of a special card.
Parking tickets can be bought onsite for the duration of the meeting,
for 15 CHF. However, we recommend you to use the public

      Restaurants on the campus (french only)  http://restauration.epfl.ch/

Best regards

Masahito Kawamori

Q13/16 Rapporteur

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