[itu-sg16] Joint Meeting with MPEG

Masahito Kawamori kawamorim at gmail.com
Sat Jan 31 00:14:09 EST 2009

Dear Experts,


Following the long tradition that we've had of posting contributions to the
AVC site, I would like to encourage you to upload your document to the
/Incoming directory so that they can be posted to the meeting directory.


At the end of the meeting, please also post your output documents.  I would
be happy to create an index for the document as we have done in the past,
with links to the WP2 meeting report.


As many of you will soon discover (or perhaps already have), I will not be
attending the SG16 meeting this time.  This will be the first SG16 meeting
that I have missed since I started participating in the work in 1998.
Unfortunately, economic conditions prevent me from traveling.  However, both
Q2 and Q12 are in very capable hands and I will be available remotely to
assist the Rapporteurs and editors.


I would like to say that am encouraged with the progress I see on H.325 -
clearly there is a lot of thinking.  I prepared a rather long list of
comments on the various contributions and TDs, and I'll consult with Brody
on how to share those comments with the experts at the meeting.


Wishing you a successful meeting,



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