[itu-sg16] [T9&16IPTV] audio conference on SDC for Q13/16

Masahito Kawamori kawamorim at gmail.com
Mon Jan 12 06:04:39 EST 2009

Kawamori san,
   The date is fine with me.

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  Subject: [itu-sg16] Date for audio conference on CDER for Q13/16

  Dear experts of Q13/16

  As we postpone our planned audio-meeting for H.IPTV-CDER, I would like
  to suggest 21 January, 2009 for the new date for the meeting.
  If you have any problem with this date, please let me know as soon as

  Thanking you in advance,

  Best regards,

  Masahito Kawamori

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