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Noah Luo(罗忠) noah at huawei.com
Thu Dec 10 20:01:38 EST 2009

Dear All

I think it is a good idea to create such a webpage to promote our work on NID.

First of all, the ongoing debate about technical details of H.IRP and H.IDscheme will make it unwise for us to expose too much details at this stage.So, on this point,I agree with Mr.Goto.

Major contents I think we should include are as follows:

1.Highlighting F.771 and H.621,their use cases and scenarios.

2.Basic architecture of NID in SG16 context

3.Ongoing work, emphasizing its value and usefulness without going to technical details.It is in the common interest of all involved parties to let the work carry on to a successful completion.

It is also a way to make response to all kinds of sceptical questions asked

4.Commerical application.I think Korea and Japan don't lack such success stories.

5.Mr.Koshuzuka and Takashima told me once they have a website,can we borrow some good ideas from them?

Best Regards

发件人: Yoshinori Goto [mailto:goto.yoshinori at lab.ntt.co.jp] 
发送时间: 2009年12月9日 14:48
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主题: Web page of NID

Dear NID experts,

I would like to initiate a discussion on possible web page of NID.

The idea was proposed at the last SG16 meeting by Mr. Olivier.
In my understanding, the purpose of the web page is to promote our activities on NID.
We have two approved Recommendations H.621 and F.771, and two on-going works, H.IRP and H.IDscheme.

As we already did through some LSs to outside bodies, the promotion of these achievements and on-going activities is necessary.
On the other hand, we are still debating on the technical content of H.IRP and H.IDscheme. This means that we should avoid going too much details about these debate.

So, I would like to ask those who are involved in this work for the idea of our web page including the content.

FYI, another project in WP2/16, AMS, set up their own web page (http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/studygroups/com16/ams/index.html).
This is a good example for our web page.

Best regards,

              Yoshinori Goto
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