[itu-sg16] Web page of NID

Yoshinori Goto goto.yoshinori at lab.ntt.co.jp
Wed Dec 9 03:15:52 EST 2009

Dear NID experts,

(I am sending this message again because of the trouble of e-mail system)

I would like to initiate a discussion on possible web page of NID.

The idea was proposed at the last SG16 meeting by Mr. Olivier.
In my understanding, the purpose of the web page is to promote our 
activities on NID.
We have two approved Recommendations H.621 and F.771, and two on-going 
works, H.IRP and H.IDscheme.

As we already did through some LSs to outside bodies, the promotion of 
these achievements and on-going activities is necessary.
On the other hand, we are still debating on the technical content of 
H.IRP and H.IDscheme. This means that we should avoid going too much 
details about these debate.

So, I would like to ask those who are involved in this work for the idea 
of our web page including the content.

FYI, another project in WP2/16, AMS, set up their own web page 
This is a good example for our web page.

Best regards,

              Yoshinori Goto
   NTT Access Network Service Systems Labs.
 TEL:+81 46 859 2241     FAX:+81 46 859 5513
     e-mail:goto.yoshinori at lab.ntt.co.jp

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