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I think this only highlights the issue: there are several different lists
that are used and those lists are not used for the purpose for which they
were established.  I see H.323 implementation questions on the H.323 Forum
discussion list, for example.  And I see equipment troubleshooting issues on
the Megaconference list.


Perhaps there's no way to avoid that problem, though.  Even if I create a
new list or a forum, people may have problems finding the resource in the
first place.  Still, it would be good if there was a "right place" to direct
such questions, perhaps it would be beneficial to a wider audience.  That's
my hope, anyway.


As of now, the poll seems to suggest that folks are pretty split on the
issue.  Unfortunately, though, not enough people cast a vote to really be
statistically valid.  It also suggest that interest is not high enough. (I
had added the "Neither" to help me get a clear picture that folks are not
interested. I would hope people use that if they think this is not needed.)


I also had a discussion on two other options:

.         Employ a web forum with RSS feeds so folks do not have to visit
the web site more frequently than necessary

.         Employ a Wiki where people could manage the site content


I'd be curious to see which of those people prefer.




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Many of these kinds of questions are already discussed on the Megaconference
mailing list.   The list originally was about the Megaconferences, but now
is about all aspects of video conferencing, and it is widely used.  All are
invited to join.






At 3:13 PM -0400 8/19/09, Paul E. Jones wrote:



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First let me apologize for this very unusual message, but I would really
very much appreciate your feedback and suggestions on this topic.


Over the past year, I have seen an increase in the number of
videoconferencing-related questions.  Sometimes these questions are
development-related (for which there are appropriate mailing lists), but
more often lately I am getting a lot of end-user questions.


I get questions like "how do I configure product X to talk to product Y" or
"how can I get video working with product X" or "what is the best video
camera for use with my software videophone?"  I'm also now getting questions
about using XMPP for audio and video communication, which is a fairly
natural extension of the IM/presence standard.  (In case you were not aware,
Google Talk is using XMPP and Google worked to define the Jingle extensions
that make this possible.)


Unfortunately, I am unable to provide good answer to some of these
questions, but I know others on these lists are.  Collectively, I think we
could answer any question sent our direction.  And, keeping with the spirit
of why Packetizer was created in the first place, I would really like to
offer a place for people to go to get the needed answers to their problems.
Even you might have some questions and would like to have a place to go ask.


That said, you might feel differently.  So, before I create an on-line
discussion forum or create a mailing list, I would like to get your input.
Should I create a discussion forum, mailing list, or neither?  Obviously, if
I create it, I would want people to register / sign-up to participate, else
it would be pointless.  If you feel like you would likely never bother with
visiting this web site or subscribing to a mailing list, then I'd like to
know that: say "neither".


Since there are over 1,000 people on these mailing lists (just considering
those on Packetizer - likely more on the H.323 Forum list), I decided to
create a poll for my benefit and the benefit of others who are interested in
this topic.  So, please go cast your vote:



Please go take the poll, but do not do a "reply all" and send messages back
to everybody.  If you do want to talk to me about this, though, feel free to
reply to me privately.


Kindest Regards,

Paul E. Jones

Rapportuer, ITU-T Q2/16, Q12/16



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