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Subject: Technology Watch report - Distributed Computing: Utilities,
Grids and Clouds

Dear colleagues,


A new Technology Watch <http://www.itu.int/ITU-T/techwatch/>  report
examines Distributed Computing: Utilities, Grids and Clouds. 


A key conclusion is that increased focus on standards for interfaces
will enable commoditization of clouds and grids and ensure

Expanding communication networks, combined with the growth of affordable
broadband in developed countries, has enabled organizations to share
their computational resources. What originally started as grid
computing, temporarily using remote supercomputers or clusters of
mainframes to address scientific problems too large or too complex to be
solved on in-house infrastructures, has evolved into service-oriented
business models that offer physical and virtual resources on a pay as
you go basis - as an alternative to often idle, in-house data centers
and stringent license agreements. 

The report describes the advent of these new forms of distributed
computing, notably grid and cloud computing, the applications that they
enable, and their potential impact on future standardization.


Distributed Computing: Utilities, Grids and Clouds is available to
download at http://www.itu.int/oth/T2301000009/en. 


Please send your comments, topic proposals and inquiries to
tsbtechwatch at itu.int.


Best regards,

Martin Adolph


ITU-T Standardization Policy Division  


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