[itu-sg16] A Contribution for Q13/16 Conference call on 4 Nov

Kyunghee Ji standards at tvstorm.com
Wed Oct 29 08:59:16 EDT 2008

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Date: 2008/10/28
Subject: Q13/16: Complete France Telecom Contribution on TDES2 for
conf call on 4th November
To: kawamori.masahito at lab.ntt.co.jp, sg9and16-iptv at ties.itu.int

Dear colleagues,
Sorry I sent my contribution on TDES2 before saving the document so it
is not complete.
Here is the full contribution on TDES2 from France Telecom renamed
Best regards
Christian Bertin

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 Date:    Fri, 24 Oct 2008 17:51:45 +0200
 Subject: Contributions for Q13/16 conference call on 4 November 2008

Dear colleagues,
Here are 2 contributions from France Telecom for the next Q13 conference
- one on H.IPTV-SDC
- one on H.IPTV-TDES2
 <<SDC-contrib_FT.doc>>  <<TDES2-contrib_FT.doc>> Best regards,
Christian Bertin France Telecom christian.bertin at orange-ftgroup.com

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