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To     Experts of ITU-T SG16 Questions 12

Cc     Mr P-A Probst, Chairman of SG16 
                            <probst-pa at bluewin.ch>
       Mr P Barrett, Vice Chairman of SG16 
                            <paul.barrett at psytechnics.com>
       Mr Y Naito, Vice Chairman of SG16 
                            <Naito.Yushi at dr.MitsubishiElectric.co.jp>
       Ms C Lamblin, Vice Chairman of SG16 
                            <claude.lamblin at orange-ftgroup.com>
       Mr S Okubo, Chairman of WP2/16
                            <okubo at aoni.waseda.jp>
       Mr S Campos-Neto, ITU TSB 
                            <simao.campos at itu.int>

De     P Jones, Rapporteur for Q12/16
                            <paulej at packetizer.com>
       B Kenrick, Associate Rapporteur for Q12/16
                            <brody.kenrick at dilithiumnetworks.com>

  Subject: Notice of Rapporteur Meeting in Chapel Hill,
           North Carolina, USA
  Date:    25-27 June 2008

Dear Q12 Experts,

The subject meeting of ITU-T SG16 Q12 experts will be held in
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA at the kind invitation of
the University of North Carolina.  Details of the meeting are 
contained herein.

1. Date

25 (Wednesday) - 27 (Friday) June 2008
Meeting will start at 9:00 on the first day and close around 18:00
on the final day.

2. Venue

   University of North Carolina
   Information Technology Services
   Room G102 (downstairs)
   440 West Franklin Street
   Chapel Hill, NC 27599
   Tel: +1.919.445.8080

   Please sign in at the front desk.

3. Topics (tentative)

- Coordinate with other SDOs, Questions, and Study Groups
- Progress work on requirements
- Progress work on AMS system and terminal architecture
- Initiate work on a signalling specification
- Initiate work on media transmission and processing
- Discussion of miscellaneous and new work items

4. Documents

 /// Registration of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 16 June 2008 ///
 /// Distribution of the document: by 23:59 UTC, 18 June 2008 ///
 /// Use the ftp site (or e-mail reflector) for distribution  ///

1) When you are going to submit a document, please notify Mr Paul Jones
   <paulej at packetizer.com>, document manager of this meeting, as soon as
   possible, by 23:59 UTC, Monday, 16 June 2008 at the latest.
   Document number AVD-nnnn will be allocated. Early indication of your
   submission plan is welcome and encouraged.

   Note - Prefix "AVD" comes from Audio, Video and Data.

2) You are advised to use the document template available at the
   following place:


3) File format: Use of Word, PDF, ASCII or HTML is recommended.

4) All the contributors are requested to distribute their documents
   as early as possible, at least 7 calendar days in advance of the
   meeting (23:59 UTC, Wednesday, 18 June 2008 or before) by posting
   them at either of the following:

   - Uploading via FTP
         Site:      ftp3.itu.int/
         User ID:   avguest
         Password:  Avguest (Note the uppercase 'A')
         Directory: avc-site/Incoming

   - E-mail reflector
         E-mail address: <itu-sg16 at lists.packetizer.com>
         To subscribe: please visit
   Please avoid the use of reflector when your document is voluminous
   (i.e., more than 100 kbytes).

5) Input documents can be retrieved from 0806_Cha directory of the
   ftp site once Mr Jones has an opportunity to put them into place.

   The documents will be available through the following URLs:
            user: avguest, password: Avguest

6) The document distribution/presentation at the meeting will be
   all electronic. Participants must bring a laptop with a wireless
   LAN interface in order to access the documents.
   (Internet access will be available in the meeting room.)

5. Logistic Information

1) Internet Access

Wireless access is available. See http://help.unc.edu/6329.

2) Airport

The most convenient airport is the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.
The airport code is RDU.  For airport information, see

3) Transportation

There is no public transportation from the airport to Chapel Hill. It is
therefore recommended that you take a taxi (or rent a car).  The cost
for the taxi generally ranges from US$36 to US$42.  Once in Chapel Hill
it is possible to use public buses for transportation. See:

4) Franklin Street

Franklin Street is the primary thoroughfare in Chapel Hill. Here you can
find many choices of restaurants, bars and activities all within walking
distance of your meeting location. Once downtown for the meeting, you
will find you do not need a car.

5) Map

Google Map: 440 West Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC
Click "Street View" to see the ITS 2-story brick colonial building.

6) Hospital

There is a hospital and clinic on campus.

7) About the University of North Carolina


6. Registration Information

To register your meeting attendance, please send e-mail to
Mr Paul E. Jones <paulej at packetizer.com>, providing the family name,
given name, company name, and e-mail address of person(s) attending.

7. Hotel Room Reservation

4. Hotels

Participants are free to choose any hotel they wish.  Below is a list of
nearby hotels that are either within walking distance or provide
shuttle service.

1) The Carolina Inn (3 blocks from meeting)

2) Franklin Hotel (1 block from meeting)

3) Holiday Inn Chapel Hill (Shuttle to campus)

4) Hampton Inn (Shuttle to campus)

We are looking forward to meeting with you in Chapel Hill.

Sincerely yours,


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