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Wed May 7 10:44:04 EDT 2008

Dear WP2/16 experts,

The subject meeting was successfully concluded last Friday. The 
report of WP/2 meeting has been placed at:


Please note the following lists:

<Draft Recommendations Consented>

ITU-T Rec. H.222.0 (05/2006) | ISO/IEC 13818-1:2007 Cor.1 
"Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and 
associated audio information: Systems: Correction of zero_byte syntax 
element and stream_id_extension mechanism"

ITU-T Rec. H.241 Amendment 1 "New Clause on Video Submode Procedure; 
associated additions to Appendix I and new Appendix II"

ITU-T Rec. T.128 "Multipoint application sharing"

ITU-T Rec. H.245 "Control protocol for multimedia communication"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.11 Corrigendum 1 "Gateway Control Protocol: Media 
gateway overload control package: Clarifying MG_overload event 
relationship to ADD commands"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.37 "Gateway control protocol: IP NAPT traversal 
package: Semantic clarification and address reporting package"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.41 Amendment 1  "Gateway control protocol: IP domain 
connection package: IP Realm Availability Package"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.43 "Gateway control protocol: Gate Management Packages"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.47 "Gateway control protocol: Statistic Conditional 
Reporting Package"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.52 "Gateway Control Protocol: QoS Support Packages"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.53 "Gateway Control Protocol: Traffic Management Packages"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.55 "Gateway Control Protocol: Pull Mode Packages"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.57 "Gateway Control Protocol: RTP Control Protocol Package"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.58 "Gateway Control Protocol: Packages for 
Application Level H.248 Statistics"

ITU-T Rec. H.248.62 "Gateway Control Protocol: Re-Answer Call Support"

ITU-T Rec. H.351 (ex H.350.WI) "Semantic Web Interface for Multimedia 
Terminal and System Directories (SWIM-D)"

ITU-T Rec. T.172 Corrigendum 1 "Application Programming Interface 
(API) for MHEG-5"

ITU-T Rec. H.622 (ex H.ghna) "A generic Home Network architecture 
with support for multimedia services"

ITU-T Rec. H.621 (ex H.mid) "Tag-based ID triggered multimedia 
information access system architecture"

ITU-T Rec. F.771 (ex F.mid) "Service description and requirements for 
multimedia information access triggered by tag-based identification"

ITU-T Rec. H.361 Amendment 1 "End-to-end quality of service (QoS) and 
service priority signalling in H.323 systems: New Annex A 
'IntServ/RSVP support for H.323 Systems', Annex B 'DiffServ Support 
for H.323 Systems' and Annex C 'Priority Support for H.323 Systems'"

H.235.6 Amendment 1 "H.323 security: Voice encryption profile with 
native H.235/H.245 key management: Support for 192 and 256 bits AES"

H.460.22 Corrigendum 1 "Negotiation of security protocols to protect 
H.225.0 call signalling messages: Corrections to message flow"

Note 1: H.361 Amendment 1 was originally developed as three separate 
work items (one for each annexe). The TD indicated is the 
consolidation of the content found in TDs 637, 638, and 639/WP2.

Note 2: There is a dependency in H.621 (ex H.mid) on F.771 (ex 
F.mid), therefore approval of H.MID is conditional on the approval of 

<Other documents Approved>

ITU-T Rec. H.248.1v3 Amendment 1 "Gateway Control Protocol"*

H-Series Supplement 2 "H.248 Sub-Series: Packages Guide Release 10"

H-Series Supplement 7 "Gateway Control Protocol: Establishment 
Procedures for the H.248 MGC-MG Control Association"

H-Series Supplement 8 "Guidelines for synchronized time in H.248 domains"

H-Series Supplement 9 "Operation of H.248 with H.225, SIP, and ISUP 
in Support of ETS/IEPS"

H.248 Sub-series Implementors' Guide

H.248 Version 2 Implementors' Guide

H-Series Supplement 10 (ex H.proxy) "Proxy-aided NAT/FW Traversal 
Scheme for H.323 Multimedia Systems"

Technical Paper TP.MMSM "Service Mobility for new Multimedia Service 

* Note: This Recommendation was considered under ITU-T Rec.A.8 Clause 5.

Best regards,

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