[itu-sg16] Details for two upcoming Q13/16 audio conferences

simao.campos at itu.int simao.campos at itu.int
Wed Jul 9 04:35:57 EDT 2008

Dear WP2 Experts,


I want to let everyone know that all of the documents and the final report
for the Q12/16 meeting has been posted to the meeting directory here:


We made good progress at the meeting, reaching agreements on terminology,
fundamental terminal architecture, and protocol syntax specification


It was decided that we would use XML and XML Schema for the protocols we
define as part of AMS.  Of course, XML can produce some very large messages.
As we prepare for the next meeting, I would encourage you to explore the
various compression methods for XML.  I have some compression results for
some of the EXI options and zlib, which you might find interesting:



I would again like to thank Mr. Tyler Johnson for kindly hosting this
meeting in Chapel Hill and to the University of North Carolina for being
such a gracious host.


Best Regards,

Paul E. Jones


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