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Fri Jul 4 08:54:38 EDT 2008

Dear SG16 experts,

Last Call for the subject two draft Recommendations (F.mid, H.mid) 
from the April-May meeting of SG16 received comments from ETRI and 
France Telecom. Draft disposition of comments and updated draft texts 
have been placed at:



AAP-Comment-resolution-log-F.771_080701.doc ----- draft disposition 
of FT and ETRI comments on F.771
AAP82-F.771(ex-F.mid)-Revised-text20080701a.doc - draft F.771 text 
incorporating the disposition results
AAP-Comment-resolution-log-H.621_080701.doc ----- draft disposition 
of FT comments on H.621
AAP82-H.621(ex-H.mid)-Revised-text20080701.doc -- draft H.621 text 
incorporating the disposition results

Interested parties are requested to review them and advise me if you 
have any suggestions by the end of next Friday, 4 July. I would like 
to submit the materials to TSB early next week for the next Approval 

Best regards,

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