[itu-sg16] AVD 3299

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I guess I am still missing your point.  This is a means of sending media,
just like unicast.  The payload type numbers are selected by the sender,
just as they are for unicast.  If the recipient accepts the proposed OLC,
then it would listen on the multicast address for incoming media





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Is the multicast uni-directional, is it just a point to point. If it is to
be used to enable the EP to send media to a multicast group this should be
aligned with the media the other side except to receive. How does it get set




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I don't understand your concern.  Can you clarify the problem?





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I looked at the document and I think I understand the OLC procedure. I need
it does not address how you decide on a dynamic payload type number when

The OLC gives the dynamic payload type number to send



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